pondelok 18. októbra 2010

Hello from the Czech republic !

Dear friends,

we work really hard on our project. 

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group  4
This is our Team (unfortunatelly some students are missing).

sobota 16. októbra 2010

Hello from Slovakia

Hello from Slovakia. This is our team. We are students of 7th class. We think this project is fantastic.

We are working on the project. First topic is International camp. We are preparing sceneries, dialoges, speaking about first skit.

streda 13. októbra 2010

First steps

Dear partners,
we have started our work.At first we have chosen different nationalities that we want to be :-)
And we have found great tool - a bookmark with different countries and nationalities.
Would you like it too?
So you can find it in our twinspace. Good luck