pondelok 6. júna 2011

Thanks much for good collaboration

Dear friends!
Thanks for your work and collaboration. We wish you nice summer holidays.
Your friends from Slovakia

pondelok 9. mája 2011

At the doctor

So, this is our skit At the doctor.

At the doctor

In these pictures we are filming our scenes At the doctor. We prepared interesting dialogues, requisites, bandages, tablets,...
Making film was funny. We learnt the basic expresions and illnesses. Great.

utorok 3. mája 2011

COMENIUS WEEK - Videoconference

We took part in international activity COMENIUS WEEK so we decided to organize the videoconference with our friends on 3 May 2011 through English lesson.
Firstly we prepared some posters and questions for our Czech friends the day before and then we had videoconference.
We spoke about our project, favourite scene, Easter holiday. Czech friends received the Quality label for this project so we CONGRATULATE them.
We spent a nice time together. Thank you much.

Slovak team

Comenius Week - videoconference

Dear friends,
thank You very much for meeting on 3rd May during our videoconference.
It was a big fun.

Have a look at our photos:

streda 20. apríla 2011

štvrtok 14. apríla 2011

At the doctor - our solutions of the dialogue

Dear friends!
Here are our solutions of the dialogue at the doctor :
Dušan, Filip and Peter / our new schoolmate/: 6,4,1,11,5,10,8,2,7,9,12
Patricia, Viktor, Dominika, Martin: 6,4,1,10,9,7,5,11,2,8,12,3
Marek: 6,4,1,9,7,2,10,5,11,8,12,3
Janko, Patrik C: 6,4,1,11,5,10,2,8,9,7,12,3
Whose answers are correct in your opinion?

Dear Friends,
the right order of the dialogue :  
3,9,12,2, 5, 1, 7, 10, 6, 8, 4, 11,

Read the dialogue :English:
1 Hello, doctor.
2 Hello. What can I do for you?
3 I´ve hurt my finger.
4 Hmm. Yes. It´s a bit swollen. Can you bend it?
5 Yes, but it´s very painful.
6 How long has it been like this?
7 About three days. I closed a door on it.
8 I see. Well, i think you´ve probably broken it,
 9 Will I have to go to the hospital for that?
10 Yes, here you are. Take this letter to the hospital
and they´ll x-ray it for you.
11 Thank you, doctor. Goodbye.
12 Goodbye.
Czech (česky) : Dobrý den, pane doktore.
                         Dobrý den, co pro Vás mohu udělat ?
                         Zranil jsem si prst.
                         Hmm, vidím. Je trochu nateklý. Můžete ho ohnout ?
                         Ano, ale hodně to bolí.
                         Jak dlouho už to takhle máte ?
                         Asi tři dny.Přivřel jsem si ho do dveří.
                         No, myslím, že bude prvděpodobně zlomený.
                         Budu s tím muset do nemocnice ?
                         Ano, tady máte doporučení a v nemocnici Vám udělají rentgen.
                         Děkuji, pane doktore. Nashledanou.
                         Nashledanou !

sobota 26. marca 2011

At the restaurant

We are working on the topic - At the restaurant. We wrote , translated and learnt dialogues. We prepared requisitions, restaurant at our class and started to perform our short skits. Finally we made a videofilm from them.

štvrtok 10. marca 2011

At the Doctor´s

If you have some problems with your health you have to go to the Doctor´s, you know.
But do you know - what to say or do there??
Let´s have a look :-)

First task for Czech and Slovak students:
At the Doctor´s

Make the dialogue in the right order: from 1-12

I´ve hurt my finger.

Will I have to go to the hospital for that?


Hello. What can I do for you?

Yes, but it´s very painful.

Hello, doctor.

About three days. I closed a door on it.

Yes, here you are. Take this letter to the hospital

and they´ll x-ray it for you.

How long has it been like this?

I see. Well, i think you´ve probably broken it, 

so you´ll need an x-ray.

Hmm. Yes. It´s a bit swollen. Can you bend it?

Thank you, doctor. Goodbye.

Czech students results :
Here you can read our guesses :
What do you think?? Are they  right??
See you soon (after our slovak friends answers  )
Charlie –                                                                                                 3,8,11,2,6,1,5,9,11,4,10,7,12

Honza T. –                           3,10,12,2,9,1,5,8,4,7,6,11 
Jitka –                                    3,4,12,2,6,1,2,9,7,5,10,8,11

Pepa -                                 

Kristýna H. –  7,10,12,2,6,1,4,9,3,8,5,11
Kristyna K. –    
3, 4, 12, 2, 9, 1, 7, 10, 6, 5, 8, 11
Kristyna M. –                        3,9,12,2,7,1,5,10,4,8,6,11
Lucy Š. -           3,9,12,2,7,1,5,10,4,8,6,11
Luke –              3,9,12,2,7,1,5,10,4,8,6,11
Michel –           3,9,12,2,7,1,5,10,4,8,6,11
Renata –          3,4,12,2,10,1,7,5,6,8,9,11
Jirka -                
Michal Š. –       3,6,14,2,8,1,5,12,11,4,10,9,7,

Tom –               3,9,12,2,7,1,5,10,4,8,6,11
Vojta –              3,10,12,2,9,1,5,8,4,7,6,11
Leona -              3,4,12,2,10,1,7,5,6,8,9,11
Hanka -           7,10,12,2,6,1,4,9,3,8,5,11

sobota 12. februára 2011

Czech - Slovak -English dictionary

Czech team prepared dictionary with topic At the restaurant and we added the words in Slovak language. It was fun .

sobota 5. februára 2011

At the restaurant

Finally we are ready to show You our short scenes - At the Restaurant.
1) The Waitress - Kristyn   The Clients - Lucy, Michel
2) The Waiter - Tom  The Clients - Luke, Honza, Vojta
3) The Waiter - Peter  The Clients - George, Michael, Hannah, Charlie

We hope You will like our work :-D
Forgive us our uneasiness. We are not real actors, are we ??

nedeľa 23. januára 2011

We and Food

Dear Friends,

our next topic is about Food, isn´t it?
OK, so at first we would like to show You how we know food vocabulary and ordering some food.
We hope you will like our first "Food video". There we revised phrases -"Do you like...... Yes, I do." and
"Have some.......  No, thank you."                                                 
                                                                   Enjoy it    students 6.B, Most